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Our Team

When we say The Franklin Chauffeur displays professionalism, reliability and friendliness, it's more than a slogan. It's in our DNA. The Franklin Chauffeur was launched by Benjamin Franklin Rigney 17 years ago, his last of four successful companies. His secret? Mr. Rigney loved hard work and people. Today his legacy is carried on by three members of his family drawn from their own careers to help Mr. Rigney operate the thriving chauffeur service. This opportunity enabled him to finish his life doing something he loved and for the family to absorb Franklin€s people-oriented culture and commitment to excellence before taking over in 2011.

Linda Lee Rigney Jones

President / Owner

Beginning as a former chauffeur and now CEO/owner, Linda Lee Rigney Jones is the eldest daughter and keeps the logistics-heavy operation running smoothly. Though you may not meet Linda on your day of travel, her presence plays a major role in maintaining Franklin’s reputation for reliable, professional service. However, she is still very active and actually you may hear her voice on the telephone when you call to make a reservation. Coming from an accounting background, she also ensures conformity with all certifications and permitting, bookkeeping, and marketing.

Few operational details escape her attention from the crisp, clean attire of drivers to the mirror-like black sheen of the company’s immaculate cars. Franklin is a member of the Maryland Limousine Association where Linda served on the board as a former vice president and treasurer.

Buddy Jones

VP / Chauffeur

Buddy Jones is a business graduate of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia and the husband of Linda Lee Rigney Jones. He launched his career early and eventually was employed by Electric Fuels Corporation in St. Petersburg, Florida where he began as a "temp" who was quickly hired permanently. He enjoyed his various positions in FL and KY to eventually be employed as a financial analyst with Florida Progress. This company was acquired by CP&L in Raleigh, NC and became Progress Energy. Buddy relocated to NC and was employed for another two years there where he continued to serve as a Financial Analyst and resigned from the company in 2004 to pursue an ownership his own business. Buddy and Linda purchased a barbeque restaurant in Rocky Mount Virginia which they owned for two years and later sold. Buddy then continued on to a friend’s law firm in Richmond, Virginia, where he worked for five years. In 2010 Buddy and Linda joined "Mr. Franklin” in the Baltimore area due to "Mr. Franklin's" fatal diagnoses. "Mr. Franklin" wanted to work until he no longer able and Buddy and Linda left their home to allow "Mr. Franklin" to do that.

Buddy says the job itself is the best one in his diverse career. "You meet different people, you are always outside, never stuck in an office and every day is different," he says. He delights at the real-time Google Maps service Franklin uses to warn of traffic jams and navigate the highways and through the  neighborhoods. His job satisfaction must show. Client feedback credits Buddy with a professional’s sensitivity to executive moods – whether chat, work or nap and he is often asked for by name.

Vicki Clark


Vicki Clark is the newest member of the family to join Franklin and just as enthusiastic as the others about the friendly bond they develop with clients. Vicki is married and devoted to her 11-year-old daughter. Her work background has been mostly with a nurse staffing agency that operated out of Florida and Missouri. Her job was accounting and administrative, which led to training managers of branches across the country and standing in for them during vacations. Vicki eventually became a branch manager of a location in Richmond, Virginia and then moved to the Lynchburg, Virginia area. She then handled office accounting chores which prepared her for managing two law firm offices in that area before joining the family business in 2014.

As a chauffeur and assistant to Linda, Vicki's friendly helpful voice may be your introduction to Franklin's family friendly culture. "We have awesome clients," Vicki says. "I can't think of one who is not fun to drive. They know we are a family business and we begin to feel like they are our regulars and like family too."