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1/13/2017 12:00:00 AM

Winter travel can be stressful. Unpredictable weather and often icy conditions make driving safety a huge concern as the winter takes hold. This is undoubtedly a difficult and potentially dangerous time for drivers. As you head out over the winter months, keep these driving safety tips in mind for the benefit of yourself, your loved ones, and others driving on the road.


This no-brainer tip has been heard on almost every inclement weather forecast for good reason. It’s no secret that not driving in the snow is pretty much the only way to guarantee you don’t have an accident. As the weather worsens, ask yourself if what you whatever you need to do or wherever you need to go is really that important. If it is not, it’s not worth the risk.


If you decide to head out, particularly on a long journey to an unfamiliar place, be prepared. Have supplies in case you get stranded or stuck during winter travel. Your emergency kit should include water, food, warm clothing, a blanket, a flashlight, first aid supplies, a fully charged cell phone, jump leads, an ice scraper, a shovel, and de-icing fluid. Also have some grit, sand, or cat litter on hand. If you are going to an unfamiliar place a far distance away, plan your route ahead of time. Stick to familiar roads as much as possible. Avoid out of the way side streets or back roads, as it is likely that these go uncleared during inclement weather.


Do not use your fog lights unless visibility is truly incredibly poor. Rear fog lights used in inappropriate conditions can create glare when they reflect off of fallen snow. This can distract drivers and create accidents. Snow does not also necessarily mean your high beams must be on at all times, as this can also create reflection problems and potentially blind drivers on the road in dangerous conditions. Don’t use them when driving closely in front of or behind other drivers.


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